Modern Rock / Electronica Hybrid

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, Asche, RELESSER's music fuses strong melodies with interweaving guitar crunch and electronic synth & sequencing.

Asche's music under the name "Autumn's Descent" has been heard around the world through licensing into TV shows on MTV & VH1, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the WB, A&E, & Disney.









12/18/17 Update | Bass Player Auditions

The band wishes everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! The first part of 2018, the band will be hard at work on new material in the studio.

Also, RELESSER is in the market for a new bass player. Interested parties, please email


10/09/17: Next Single to Radio is...

You voted and we listened! The next single to radio is "Resistance." Released today, be sure to call your local station and request it!


09/25/17: Next Single to Radio

Which song off RELESSER's 2016 album, "Release," should be the next one to radio? VOTE HERE


09/16/17: Thank You, Goshen, IN!

RELESSER played a private fundraising event for a local women's shelter, called the AmazingRace today. The band was honored to be invited to be part of the event.



09/09/17: Thank You, Pitfest 2017!

RELESSER was honored to be part of A1M's annual Pitfest show in Kokomo, IN this weekend. Among the highlights, RELESSER covered Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart" (featuring The Protest, Jacob Richardson, & Egypt Speaks on backing vocals). And Asche donned a wig, because why not?



09/02/17: First Acoustic Gig - Plymouth, IN

RELESSER played their first ever all-acoustic show at the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth, Indiana:

The setlist included acoustic versions of:

  • Awakening
  • Resistance
  • Worthwhile
  • Forfeit
  • Dwell
  • Trust
  • Recreate
  • Doxology
  • My Heartstrings Come Undone (Demon Hunter cover)
  • I Am A Stone (Demon Hunter cover)
  • Come As You Are (David Crowder cover, feat. Jacob Richardson on vocals)


08/12/17: Heavy Hearts

On August 5th, longtime RELESSER friends Jacob & Chantal Richardson were in a motorcycle accident. The couple have often been seen running the band's merch table at events. Chantal unfortunately passed away from her injuries earlier this week. We mourn with Jacob and their two young daughters. Please keep this family in prayer.


07/17/17: Studio Report:

The guys are hard at work in the studio, prepping songs for their acoustic performances in September. Look for a couple cover songs in the mix!


07/04/17: Happy 4th of July!


06/23/17: Thank You Radio!

"Awakening" continues to be added and played at stations all around the world. Please continue to call and request it on your local station!


06/23/17: Thank You, Franklin, IN!

Had a great time at The Gear with our friends in Theody, Chaotic Resemblance, & Still the Hand tonight!



06/18/17: Thank You, KCF - Kokomo, IN!

Every time we play an A1M event, we always feel like family. This was no exception. We had a blast! Thank you for having us!


06/15/17: RELESSER @ KCF in Indiana this Weekend!

Don't miss RELESSER at Kingdom Come Festival, just outside of Kokomo, Indiana on Saturday. The band is scheduled to play around 3PM.


06/14/17: First Week on Radio!

The band made the Most Added in Billboard this past week! Thank you to the fans calling in and the stations! Let's keep the momentum!


06/03/17: New Promo Pix!



RELESSER has started working with a veteran radio promoter!

The song "Awakening" from RELESSER's debut album RELEASE (2016) is being released to Rock Radio on Monday June 5th. This will be the first time the band is being featured to radio. Please call your local rock radio station and request the song. Chances are, the station will have no idea who RELESSER is. So keep calling!



Saturday 06/17/17 – KCF – Kokomo, IN
Saturday 06/23/17 – The Gear – Franklin, IN
Saturday 09/02/17 – Blueberry Fest, Plymouth, IN
Saturday 09/09/17 – Pitfest – Kokomo, IN
Friday 11/10/17 – The 512 – Indianapolis, IN

Details on these events will be in the TOUR area on this site soon.


04/28/17: Song "Question Everything" Early Release

The first song from the DEVOUR EP, "Question Everything" is now available for FREE Download from Go get it!



04/27/17: NEW EP TITLE + NEW SONG!

The title of the new 5-Song EP by RELESSER is "DEVOUR"

The new EP is darker in tone and more experimental in music style than the 2016 full length album. The EP will not be released until late 2017 or Spring 2018. BUT- The band plans to release a song from the EP TOMORROW (04/28/17) during their show at the 512 in Indianapolis. Stay tuned!



04/16/17: Studio Update

The band has been working hard on a new 5-song EP. As of this writing, 3 songs are completed. The name of the new EP will be released soon!


04/05/17: RELESSER to Perform at Kingdom Come Festival - Kokomo, Indiana

Returning for the 4th time in 5 years, RELESSER will play as part of Kingdom Come Festival at the Veteran Memorial Grounds outside Kokomo, Indiana as part of the two-day festival featuring Disciple, Manic Drive, Decyfer Down, Children 18:3 and more!


04/02/17: Official Show Flyer for April 28th!


03/25/17: RELESSER Returns to the Stage on April 28th!

After being in the studio for 6 months, the band is itching to get back on stage. If you are in Indianapolis or surrounding area, you won't want to miss this! As part of the show, the band will be performing 3 new songs to try them out on an audience!


09/27/16: AUTUMN'S DESCENT releases Cover of Circle of Dust's "Tell Tale Crime"

In 2003-04, Autumn's Descent toured with Celldweller across the Midwest. Because Klayton was not going to play any of his older music on that tour, AD decided to do a cover version of Circle of Dust's "Tell Tale Crime" and performed it as the last song before Celldweller took the stage. In 2016, Autumn's Descent re-recorded that cover from scratch. With permission from FiXT Music, this cover is available as a free download at



09/18/16: THANK YOU!

RELESSER has completed the first round of shows in support of their debut album. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the band! For now, the guys have retreated back to the studio to work on a couple new tunes to show off in the Spring. Now booking Spring concerts. Please keep an eye on and for more behind the scenes broadcasts and pictures!


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