Modern Rock / Electronica Hybrid

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, Asche, RELESSER's music fuses strong melodies with interweaving guitar crunch and electronic synth & sequencing.

Asche's music under the name "Autumn's Descent" has been heard around the world through licensing into TV shows on MTV & VH1, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the WB, A&E, & Disney.





09/28/15: New, Limited Edition Shirts

These new limited edition shirts were designed by Andy Whitten and will be available starting on October 16th, 2015 at the show in Pendleton, IN. You can order these from RELESSER's bandcamp page starting in late October.


09/28/15: One More For the Season

RELESSER is hosting a show in Pendleton, IN on Friday October 16th. The show is sponsored by Rockhill Productions. $7 at the door. More info in the TOUR section.

The guys are planning to retreat to the studio starting in November to finish working on the debut album.


09/13/15: THANK YOU!

Pit Fest in Kokomo, IN was a blast! Thank you to A1M for hosting! Pictures to be posted soon.


08/28/15: Join us tonight at the Kendallville Jamoree in Kendallville, Indiana! Click the TOUR section for more info.


07/25/15: New merch inbound. Look for new silicone bracelets, stickers, and a new shirt design at upcoming shows! These items to be added to RELESSER's BandCamp page for online order this Fall.


07/25/15: RELESSER to play at Pit Fest in Kokomo, IN on September 12th. More info coming soon.


07/24/15: A special thank you to our friends and fans who came to last night's show at The Gear in Franklin, IN. What a blast!

Special thanks to Gene Feasil (2nd from left) for running the show like a pro. And a shout out to Josh from The Protest (far right) for showing us love every time we get to share the stage with you guys. Can't wait to hang with you again, bros!


07/06/15: Catch RELESSER at The Gear in Franklin, IN with Children 18:3, The Protest, and more!


06/22/15: Catch RELESSER at Rock the Park in New Castle, Indiana on Sunday July 5th!

Click the pic below for more info.


06/22/15: Catch RELESSER at Light the Night Festival in Lebanon, IN this Saturday!

Click the pic below for more info.


06/21/15: Thank you, Bash on the Farm - Forest City, Iowa!

We had a great time hanging with old friends and new friends at the event in central Iowa this past weekend! There are so many people we've met online and it was like a big gathering of a lot of those people in one place where we all got to meet face to face and rock out together. Thank you so much to those who made the trip! Thank you to Melinda Ebert, John, & Chris for putting the festival together and for having Relesser out to play! Also a special thank you to Jeanette Yoder for taking great pix of several bands, including Relesser!

More pictures in the MEDIA section.


06/19/15: Thank you Dallas City, Illinois!

We had a blast meeting and hanging out with you! Special thanks to Chris Greenhalge for putting the shindig together! Looking forward to coming back and visiting again in the not-too-distant future!


06/01/15: More New Shows Added

RELESSER is now playing as part of the Light the Night Festival in Lebanon, IN alongside headliners Kutless and Sanctuc Reel.

Check the TOUR section for more info on this and other new shows just added!


05/25/15: New Shows

Check the TOUR page for the new listings!


05/25/15: Thank You, Faith Fest!

RELESSER would like to thank New Castle, IN and the organizers and crew of Faith Fest for a fun night! It was great meeting so many new people and we look forward to seeing many of you again at other regional shows!


05/24/15: New Bass Player Announcement

We would like to welcome back Tyler Moberly to RELESSER. Friends & fans may rember when Tyler handled the live synths for the band at festival dates in 2013. Now he has stepped into one of his true passions as the new bass player for RELESSER. Please give him a warm welcome!


05/01/15: Doug Webster - Departure

Asche and Doug Webster met at a concert in 2002 in Indianapolis. Having been part of Skillet's sound crew just a couple years earlier, Doug started running sound for Asche's project, Autumn's Descent, in 2003, and toured the country with the band. Starting in 2007, Doug switched to playing bass and singing backup for AD. He was either behind the mixing board or on the stage with AD for nearly 10 years. When Asche started forming RELESSER as a live entity in 2012, Doug came with. Doug's influence on the electronica and lyrics of RELESSER's first 3 musical Chapters (and their acoustic versions) is very strong.

In January 2015, Doug announced his plans to pursue his dreams in Nashville, TN. Please join us in prayer for our friend and brother - that he finds what he is looking for in Nashville.

04/14/15: RELEASE Chapter 3 is Now Available!

Go to to download your copy of the songs "Resistance" and "Worthwhile" today! And the best part? It's pay what you want.


04/04/15: New Place to Purchase RELESER Music

Chapters 1 & 2 have been uploaded to RELESSER's BandCamp Page. The songs are streaming and available for download.

RELESSER.COM has also been updated to include links to RELESSER's music on SoudCloud and YouTube.


03/28/15: Cover Song Tease: WOWY on Reverb Nation Page

You can check it out below and in the Media secion of this site.



03/22/15: New Tour Date...RELESSER with The PROTEST in Dalls City, IL on Thursday June 18th.


03/08/15: RELESSER Confirmed for Bash On The Farm in Iowa.

RELESSER has been confirmed to play on Saturday June 20th at Bash on the Farm in Forrest City, IA. Click HERE for the BOTF official website. Click HERE for the Facebook page for the event.

01/05/15: NOW BOOKING

In prepration for 2015 concert season, RELESSER is now booking from May 1st through the end of the year. Want RELESSER in your town? Send a message to

Pictured: Asche's new custom pic design,
through Clayton USA, for 2015-16 shows



"Release" Chapter 3 artwork has been revealed (above)! The track listing for the chapter will be:

1) Resistance
2) Worthwhile
3) Resistance (instrumental)
4) Worthwhile (instrumental)
5) Resistance (acoustic)
6) Worthwhile (acoustic)
7) Resistance (acoustic instrumental)
8) Worthwhile (acoustic instrumental)

The guys are hoping for an April 2015 release date. More info coming soon!


10/18/14: UPDATES

* Two more songs completed for the album, including a cover song (which the band is currently playing in their live set).

* They guys are in the process of working on the acoustic versions of the songs for Chapter 3. Hoping to have it out in time for Christmas. More info coming soon.

* Another new T-shirt design to show all of you:

These black shirts with the standard RELESSER logo in grey are already in stock and can be purchased at shows.


08/13/14: UPDATES

* The guys are still plugging away in the studio, working on the songs for the forthcoming album. "Chapter 3" announcement expected this right after the Holidays!

* 3 new shows have been added to the calender for Fall 2014. Click the Tour button above for more info.

* Pictures from KCF in Kokomo, IN on 6/21 have been added. Click the Media button above to see them.

* New T-shirts for concerts this Summer and Fall!


04/20/14: RELESSER to play main stage at Kingdom Come Festival in Kokomo, IN on June 21st. Click TOUR above for more info.


12/17/13: "RELEASE - Chapter 2" OUT NOW!




12/13/13: "RELEASE - Chapter 2 of 4" to be available on Tuesday December 17th via the FiXT Store: The songs from Chapter 2 are already uploaded to Reverb Nation and can be streamed from that site or Facebook. Enjoy! <3 RELESSER


08/14/13: Just announced - RELESSER will be playing with Nine Lashes, Last Watch, Jason Dunn, 3 Times Driven, & Silver From the Flames as A1M and Rockfest bring the From Water Tour to the Indianapolis area on September 7th. Check the TOUR section for more info.


07/16/13: Just announced - RELESSER will be playing with The Letter Black, Spoken, & The Protest on Friday August 30th at The Gear in Franklin, IN. Click HERE for the event page on Facebook.


07/11/13: RELESSER has joined the lineup for UltraSound Festival on August 31st in Auburn, IN, alongside friends in Grave Robber, Leper, & Mayfly.


07/10/13: Pictures from AudioFeed Festival 2013 have been posted in the Media Section.


06/25/13: "Release - Chapter 1" by RELESSER is NOW available at the FiXT Store. Go download your copy today!


06/21/2013: The RELESSER page at the FiXT Store has been updated in preparation for Chapter 1.


06/19/2013: A one-minute clip of "Awakening" has been posted at the REVERB NATION RELESSER PAGE.


06/12/2013: "Release" - Chapter 1

RELESSER's debut album will be called "Release".

* There will be four 2-song chapters released digitally, exclusively through FiXT Music, in the coming months.

* The first 2-song chapter is scheduled to be available on Tuesday June 25th, 2013. The songs in that chapter are called "Awakening" and "Forfeit".

* RELESSER already has chapter 2 ready to go and will make it available in late 2013.

* In 2015, the 8 songs from the 4 chapters, plus 2 to 4 more songs, will be pressed on CD and available via FiXT, iTunes, and Those who purchased the chapters will receive a discount when ordering the full album.

* The chapters will have exclusive content (the instrumental and acoustic versions of the songs and, in some [but not all] cases, a different mix of the song than what will appear on the final album).

Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers, and support! We have the best friends, family, and fans! We are excited to share our artistry with you!




The RELESSER Facebook Page added 30 new fans in the last 30 hours! Thank you and keep them coming!





* RELESSER's festival performances from Fall 2012 were deemed successful. Pictures from both events have been posted in the MEDIA section of this site.

* If you have visited this site or RELESSER's pages on Facebook or Reverb Nation lately, you may have noticed some change ups in the music player. That's right, the band is working at a steady pace in the studio. The vision is to get about 12 to 14 songs completed by mid 2015. Right now, with several songs in various stages of production, the guys are about half way through that goal. Details on how and when music will be made available will be released in the coming months.



09/03/2012: Festival Bound

With one rehearsal left, the band is ready to go fall on their faces playing their first official gig in front of a festival crowd. In all seriousness, the guys are viewing these first two shows as a "let's see if we can pull this off" experience. The idea is to perform, review, and make even better.

"The lineup finally came together in mid July," says Asche. "All we've done so far is go through the few existing RELESSER songs and the Autumn's Descent back catalog and created a 25 minute set list. From there, we've only had the chance to rehearse that and plan for these two performances. We are really looking forward to sitting down as a group after these shows to discuss next steps. It looks like writing and studio time with an emergence to play again (hopefully) in the Spring of 2013. And we're expecting to have learned from these Fall 2012 gigs so we can bring a really great performance in the coming year. We really appreciate the growing fan base and words of encouragement. It has been wonderful so far!

"In 1995, I was at Cornerstone Festival in Central Illinois. I got to see something very special that year. I went to see two of my favorite bands at the time, Circle of Dust and Argyle Park. Opening the show was this new supergroup called Stavesacre. They were playing their first ever show in front of a festival crowd. They were really rough around the edges compared to what they would eventually become. They went on to be one of my favorite bands of all time.

"So if you can, come see RELESSER at these festival shows in September. I'm hoping we'll be like Stavesacre at that first show (or even better). Perhaps you'll be able to get a great story out of it."

Check the TOUR section for information on the upcoming shows.

Rehearsal Pictures:

Take your pick...

The only thing missing is you:


Rehearsal stage setup:




Backstage... Are you in?




08/29/2012: RELESSER T-Shirts Have Arrived

The first official RELESSER T-Shirts are here. They feature the "R" logo on the right sleeve, the band name across the front, and what we're calling the "splatterbird" across the side. Sizes available in S, M, L, & XL. Small and XL are crew neck. Medium and Large are V-neck. These will be available at RELESSER's two festival gigs in Central Indiana on 9/8/12 and 9/15/12 for $15 each.





07/23/2012: Live Band/ Rockfest/ Recording Update

RELESSER's live lineup is complete and the band will be appearing at Rockfest in North-Central Indiana on 9/8/12.

Following the Rockfest performance, RELESSER is expected to return to the studio to continue working on new music and refine the live show.



04/08/2012: Endorsements
"I want to send a shout out to my friends at Clayton Guitar Picks. I've been honored to be endorsed by them since 2009, and I want to thank them (especially Amber) for outstanding customer service! Looking forward to ordering new RELESSER picks in the coming months."
- Asche