Autumn's Descent will, eventually, once again have its own website in the future. For now, you found this secret page!

Who is / was Autumn's Descent?

in October of 1995, Asche started Autumn's Descent as a hard rock project with industrial overtones.

From 1996-2011 it became a live performing entity, releasing several albums & EPs, and performing shows across the United States.


Starting in 2003, Autumn's Descent's music was licensed into TV Shows, Movies, and Video Games.


Here is a list of the main releases Autumn's Descent had on AD Windblown Recordings:

Autumn's Descent - Prelude EP (2000)
[No longer in print]


Autumn's Descent - Deadletters (2003)
[No longer in print]


Autumn's Descent - Primer EP (2005)
[Available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and more]


Autumn's Descent - Character Assassination (2008)
[Available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and more]


Autumn's Descent - Autumn's Descent (2009)
[Available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and more]


What happened to Autumn's Descent? Is it still around?

The short answer is, yes, the project still exists. But it hasn't done any concerts since 2011. At that time, members of the the live band had some personal matters to attend to which severly limited AD from doing frequent shows. In 2012, Asche made RELESSER his main musical priority.

The above picture was taken at Autumn's Descent's last performance at Rockfest 2011.



Asche has been reworking material from the 2003 Deadletters album off and on since 2008. He's let some of it out (singles "Sometimes" in 2014, "Sad Goodbye" in 2015, "Dismantle" and "She's Not What She Seems" in 2017). His goal is to release an album called "Rescinding Deadletters" in the near future (2019). The album would feature all 15 songs from the original album re-recorded from scratch, plus a future album of alternate versions, remixes, B-sides, and demos.

Following "Rescinding Deadletters," Autumn's Descent also has an album of completely new material in the works... If Asche can ever find the time to finish it.


Is Rob McDaniel / RAMzi still involved in Autumn's Descent?

Yes. He is working with Asche in a limited capacity on the reworking of some of the songs on "Rescinding Deadletters." His voice and guitar work are featured on the album. The album will also feature Trampas Young (bass, backing vocals), Omar Villarreal (drums, backing vocals), & Doug Webster (bass, backing vocals) on certain songs.

Will Autumn's Descent ever perform concerts again?

The last lineup of Autumn's Descent (Asche, Rob McDaniel, Trampas Young, & Omar Villarreal) have talked about reuniting for a few shows as recently as 2015 and 2016. There is interest from the guys in the band as well as from promoters. The problem is finding the time between everyone's schedules. Trampas runs Titan Baseball Bat company (look them up!) and is busy coaching sports for his sons. Omar has been playing / touring with The Enders. And Asche is busy with RELESSER. There is still hope that a reunion show or shows will happen in the future.


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