Modern Rock / Electronica Hybrid

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, Asche, RELESSER 's music fuses strong melodies with interweaving guitar crunch and electronic synth & sequencing.

Asche's music under the name "Autumn's Descent" has been heard around the world through licensing into TV shows on MTV & VH1, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the WB, A&E, & Disney.















































































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RELESSER's music at:


RELESSER's Bandcamp Page


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Single: "Together Into the Void" [2018]

What happens when you take the verses from one NIN song and the chorus from another and make a new song out of it? Go listen and find out!







2 versions of RELESSER's debut album, "Release," are available as of June 17th, 2016:


The CD VERSION features

11 main songs and 6 "soundscapes" which weave into one another, very similarly to how the band plays their songs at shows. The CD VERSION is, for now, only available at RELESSER shows and is limited to only a few pressed copies.


The ONLINE VERSION (called the "Deluxe Edition") of the album, is available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other digital retailers, and features 43 tracks:

11 main songs (all mixed as singles - not weaving into one another)

7 "soundscapes"

8 Early Demos

11 main songs as instrumentals

6 Acoustic Demos